I love reading the fantasies of My slaves, incorporating aspects of these fantasies into sessions, (or tormenting them with the fact that I am not), watching them deepen and progress over time, and seeing My influence on their development .

Here is a collection of fantasies, letters of worship and memories, that I have found interesting, exciting, creative or endearing. I am considerate with the anonymity of  My servants.  Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Only I know who you are!


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no one -anywhere- like Goddess Cheyenne®

i recently met Goddess Cheyenne for a scene. i had seen her around various Atlanta events for almost ten years. Stunning, World Class, Amazonian – pick your adjective based just on Her appearance. When i arrived at her studio for our scene, her big smile and big laugh...

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trample slaves testimony

It was late in the evening when i arrived at the front door of Goddess Cheyenne as instructed, i knocked. Every time i get near Her i get nervous, but when She opened the door, i suddenly went from nervous to transparent. She was beautiful in every way, even better...

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my fantasy session

The session would start out with the Goddess Cheyenne wearing short tight latex shorts and tank top with high heel shoes on. As i walk by in my short tight speedos, i whistle at Her! The gorgeous Goddess Cheyenne walks over and yells at me about how to treat a Woman....

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french male slut

Dear Goddess Cheyenne, Your Ruthless Highness, I am a 26 years old french male slut, i am on my knees with a dildo in my ass. i prostrate myself and i beg Your Satanic Highness, on my knees, to change my worthless life forever. You are so incredible ! So beautiful !...

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