Super zero's Demise

Super zero’s Demise

Custom Request

Behind the bars of your cage you continue to toy with super zero slave

First, batman feminization injections; You are going to transform him into a bat sissy maid to serve You and other villains.

“This drug will make your balls and dick shrivel up, you will grow breasts and your voice will change. Shhhhhhhh, Shhhhhhh, Shhhhhhhhhh I want the world to see what The Fur Queen has done to you batman. Good slave, just smell My furs as I inject you.”

Now i am taken out of the cage and locked inside Your toilet. As you look down at me You call the Ridler.
Ridler:  “Fur Queen, What has had it’s wings clipped off and brown all over? Give up? batman, castrated and sissified inside my toilet with shit all over. Oh yes, I have him right here below me. batslave, tell Ridler who owns you. Tell Him how much you love your Fur Queen. God boy, now tell The Ridler you live to eat My shit!”

“See I told you so Ridler, what? You want batman to eat Your shit too? Well that can be arranged, come on over”

The rest of video, degrade me, as i tell You i love you. Mock me for being weak, falling for You and Your furs and go into detail of how Gotham’s hero/zero will spend the rest of his days as a castrated sissy eating the Fur Queens shit and the shit of all Her villain friends.

The best part about it is i don’t even care, i love You more than life itself and will be happy smelling the fur of My Fur Queen and eating Your shit for the rest of my days.

This Clip Contains: Super Villain, Fur Fetish, Toilet slavery, Humiliation, Feminization


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Bukake Cum Slut

you know it is time you are long overdue. This activity must be done on a regular basis. you are a cum swallowing slut and you love how I humiliate and degrade you. I have a special treat for you today whore. I hope you have been taking your vitamins...


I have been in this hosiery for hours. It is trapped between My skin and these transparent latex shorts. I can feel the moisture dripping and see the steam in the clear tops of My shoes. I know you would love to bury your face.... in My pantyhose. Stroke...

Sniff and Stroke

This is the last ride for this pair of hosiery, one last video and one round of cardio in them before I send them off  in a ziplock bag to grace the alter of a devout worshipper. These pantyhose can be seen in many videos, they have lasted quite a while....