Atlanta Dominatrix Goddess Cheyenne Vampire Succubus


This is the second installment of a custom series Succubus

A Banshee like experience tears you from darkness, from a Satin Seductress Dreamscape into a Nightmare, Confronted with Pools of Darkness for eyes you’re filled with terror as her demonic voice shatters through throbbing hypnotic binaural beats. The Satanic Succubus Spirt is here to Suck out your Soul in a terrifying supernatural experience.

As Darkness emanates from her Satin opera length gloved hands the Succubus slithers and hisses, Her unnatural movements petrify you as interwoven imagery of the succubus feasting on you pulsates through her demands to relinquish your soul. Fear is her natural aphrodisiac and sensing your terror only intensifies her demonic intimidation of you as the adrenaline & blood pulsates through your body, your only feeding her appetite and with it her determination to have you Submit & Succumb to Darkness grows.

Hissing and Slithering as you reel from her reality warping soul sucking, She’s only just getting started and proceeds to strike you once more with dark energy, as the feeding frenzy continues with jump-scares of a vampiric assault, glimpses of her speaking in tongues and channeling / cursing you into her control, with the only constant of ‘reality’ the hypnotic prophetic Banshee Blasting, insisting that, You can’t resist, You can’t stop and compelling you to Submit & Succumb to Darkness.

Empowered, the succubus has only become more demonic and her thirst has grown, demanding more and a revelation that she can ‘go all night’ shattering your naïve hope that it’s over. Her Booming Demonic laughing terrifies you as she envelops you in darkness.

This Clip Contains: Mind Fuck, Erotic Magic, Vampire, male slavery, Mesmerize

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Bukake Cum Slut

you know it is time you are long overdue. This activity must be done on a regular basis. you are a cum swallowing slut and you love how I humiliate and degrade you. I have a special treat for you today whore. I hope you have been taking your vitamins...


I have been in this hosiery for hours. It is trapped between My skin and these transparent latex shorts. I can feel the moisture dripping and see the steam in the clear tops of My shoes. I know you would love to bury your face.... in My pantyhose. Stroke...

Sniff and Stroke

This is the last ride for this pair of hosiery, one last video and one round of cardio in them before I send them off  in a ziplock bag to grace the alter of a devout worshipper. These pantyhose can be seen in many videos, they have lasted quite a while....