Atlanta Dominatrix Goddess Cheyenne’s Sissy Baby

Sissy Baby

This Clip is a Custom Request that I went above and beyond on with 18 minutes of footage, special effects and overlays as well as a second audio track!

i am a sissy baby , and what I would like is a video where you regress me into a cloth diaper dependent baby girl of about 1 year of age. I want to be addicted to breast feeding, forced to crawl only, and be only able to baby babble. You then tell me that this is who I’ve always been and will always be and that accepting this will not only make me happy, but will make you happy, and that there is nothing more important to me than making my mommy happy. You also tell me that as a baby girl I have no need for adult relationships, so you will now be taking my wife, but that I will be encouraged to play with myself in my diapers while the two of you watch and tell me what a good girl I am for playing with my clitty.

This Clip Contains: Age Regression, Adult Diaper, Sissy aby, Home Wrecker, Masturbation Instruction

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