Atlanta Dominatrix Satin Temptress

Satin Temptress

Part 1 of a custom Series Filled with sumptuous special effects!

You think it’s your lucky night, visited in your dreams by a femme fatale to face down “an offer, you can’t refuse… Your Soul, for Three Wishes.”

Tempting you with the prospect of being able to have anything you ‘Desire’, triggers a hypnotic state, an intense bombardment’ of binaural beats & lustful imagery mesmerizes you, gripping you in a trance as her Gloves glide across her Satin Dress. Compelling you to Succumb and Surrender, unaware of the trigger words she’s instilling into your mind or the binaural beats sending her programming into your subconscious, instead overcome and gripped with lust as the bombardment intensifies with reality itself warping as the satin clad cleavage memorization crashes you to “reality”, abruptly as it was triggered.

Insincerely apologizing, the Satin Temptress is conscious of the overpowering affect her Psionic Dress is having on you, only to then amplify its power as she doubles down, Compelling you to give her your Soul as you warp back into her hypnotic programming. Manipulating your attraction with her attire proves too much too handle in the second round of lustful bombardment as you crash back to ‘reality’eager to agree to the femme fatales ‘deal’.

Your relief is short lived, find the seductress intoxicated with power and conscious to the extent her psionic dress is debilitating you. Gloating, It’s only a matter of time before She takes your Soul, a Super Villainess esque ‘reveling’ in your inevitable capitulation, as Reality Warps a final time, your bombarded by strobing calls for you to sell her your soul into a looping madness shattering your mind with brainwashing & lust.
This Clip Contains: Satin, Mesmerize, Erotic Magic, male slavery, Mind Fuck , Super Villain

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Bukake Cum Slut

you know it is time you are long overdue. This activity must be done on a regular basis. you are a cum swallowing slut and you love how I humiliate and degrade you. I have a special treat for you today whore. I hope you have been taking your vitamins...


I have been in this hosiery for hours. It is trapped between My skin and these transparent latex shorts. I can feel the moisture dripping and see the steam in the clear tops of My shoes. I know you would love to bury your face.... in My pantyhose. Stroke...

Sniff and Stroke

This is the last ride for this pair of hosiery, one last video and one round of cardio in them before I send them off  in a ziplock bag to grace the alter of a devout worshipper. These pantyhose can be seen in many videos, they have lasted quite a while....