January 26, 2017 – January 28, 2017 all-day America/New York Timezone

The Order of Indomitus

The Order consists of a group of dominant Women Who get together at weekend gatherings to celebrate FemDom.

Quarterly, The Order chooses several Women to become Priestesses to come together at a private residence in South Florida where They will train select male applicants to be complete and total slaves and servants for one weekend in a total Female dominated world. The Women are chosen based on reputation, Their total and very real lust for a Female dominated lifestyle, Their skills and Their professionalism. The Order also holds other FemDom events throughout the year at different estates which will soon also be announced and finally made public.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.52.08 PMmale slave applicants who are accepted can choose to spend one or two evenings at the Order in a position of absolute slavery. male slaves are stripped of the outside world, put through training, and used in games, for service, for torment and for anything the Priestesses and Their Female Apprentices or Female Guests desire. Taking place at private residence complete with a pool, a dungeon and lots of grounds, there are pony cart races, and “hunting” the slaves down in the spirit of the slave hunt from the old and no longer in existence “Other World Kingdom,” lavish dinners and even nightly torch-lit sacred slave “sacrifices” and public punishments.

males who have attended our previous private events have said this is the closest experience they have found to the no longer in existence “Other World Kingdom” as far as feeling like they are truly in a very real FemDom environment with being able to serve and engage indoors and outdoors in total seclusion. While this event is a lot smaller than the OWK with different ideals, they find it is similar in style and spirit. That’s a difficult experience to find in the USA.

Reading all of this must make you both delighted and afraid. you should be. As soon as you arrive, you will know that you are in the right place, a place where you belong, collared  at the feet of smiling dominant Women and used for Their every desire.

Not every potential slave will be accepted, and you must fill out the application and pay the one time processing fee of $25.
POTENTIAL slaves ~  Tell them you heard about the event here at Goddess Cheyenne’s Opulent Fetish http://www.orderofindomitus.com/ 

Attend The Order of Indomitus with Me, for the earth shaking FemDom experience you have been waiting all your life for!