My greatest enjoyment in BDSM stems from the power exchange involving a sincere and respectful submissive.

Sessions are usually based around one or more of the following interests and can range from sensual to severe often including fetishism e.g. LATEX, Leather, high heeled SHOES and BOOTS, and on occasion also include role-play. Each session is customized and tailored to the individual based on mutual interests, level of the submissive’s experience and many other factors.

SLAVE TRAINING, PROTOCOL & BEHAVIOR MODIFICATIONEtiquette and skills for lifestyle service must be developed ranging from formal situations to everyday expectations, where My approval is your greatest reward.

From silk scarves to shibari, leather and latex straps, devices and furniture, sensual and erotic to complete immobilized helplessness, strenuous and predicaments, BONDAGE is a fantastic way to add drama and excitement to a play scene.

Spanking and corporal with or without role-play OTK, by hand leather or Latex straps wooden paddles and canes, DISCIPLINE can serve a multitude of purposes from behavior modification to sensual eroticism.

Inducing erotic pain through SADISM can include single tail whips, quirts, clamps, electro, play piercing, CBT, and NT ranging from mild to wild.

SISSIFICATION and TRANSFORMATION: Where boys become girls with or without erotic humiliation.

CHASTITYA little thing that makes a big difference. Ranging from a few hours of lock up , to days ,weeks ,months or permanent key holding you will feel My control over you like never before.

In the playroom dubbed the Clinique, MEDICAL FETISH role-play can include varying degrees of examinations and experiments.

Mommy has everything needed to take care or the ADULT BABY from loving Mommy to mean Mommy or Bad Babysitter .

Nylons, Pantyhose, bare feet and a perfect pedicure.. FOOT SLAVES must be respectful and earn the privilege of worship. Sparkly polish adorns My tiny toes and My sky high arches tapering down from muscular calves and toned thighs, will have you drooling.

I specialize in extended scenes with the power experience, skills and gear to keep you under My control for hours or days.

In this Holy Sanctuary your only responsibility is to obey, your only duty is to serve.

Due to an ever increasing schedule, My availability is limited. My time is in high demand and my schedule fills quickly. It is best to give 24 hours’ notice to make an appointment; however I can often see slaves and submissives with short notice. Be on your best behavior when you contact me. Not all requests for my attention are granted. To win my good graces, address me always as Goddess or Ma’am. I am selective with whom I play. I only allow sincere slaves and submissives into My realm. I play for My own pleasure and do not accept all requests for My attention.

Rules when contacting Me!

  • When contacting Me show your utmost respect.
  • Address Me properly. you will refer to Me as GODDESSCHEYENNE or MA’AM.
  • Give Me a concise description of your interest.
  • Do not waste My time asking questions to which the answers lie in this site.
  • Be aware, there is no sex involved in My sessions.

Before W(w)e meet you must fill in the following form to ensure O(o)ur interests are compatible and to develope mutual trust.