Atlanta Dominatrix Goddess Cheyenne aby's wet diaper

Aby’s Wet Diaper

Little aby’s need Mommy at the end of a long workday, to melt away the stress into a nice plump diaper.
Mommy makes everything right, taking you into a deeply regressed state of innocence and guiding you into the ultimate release of stress wetting that diaper into a warm wet moist retreat.
Put on that nappy, it is time to listen to Mommy and follow Her instructions . She will get you all cleaned up and tuck you in for a good nights sleep.

This Clip Contains: Age Regression, Adult Diaper, Diaper Wetting, Diaper Fetish, ABDL, Mommas Boy

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Subtle Entrapment

Mesmerize, Foot Slave Training, Foot Worship, Foot JOI, FemDom POV, Long Hair Fetish, Foot Fetish , Bare Feet

Eat a Dick

The images of cocks shooting their loads is making you so thirsty isn’t it? you do want it. you want it more than you have ever wanted anything…and it is all for Me. Swallow it down slut.


I would be serving You in the role as Your submissive and You order me to worship Your long beautiful RAZOR SHARP RED fingernails and then and punish me with them by using them to rake, scratch and dig them in any way that You want to, all over my body.