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Satan’s Bunghole

This Clip is a Custom request as well as a sequel to "The Devil You Know". Contact Me through the link at the top of the page to inquire about custom creations. The clip starts with a brief recap of what happened to him during the last year since enchanted...

The Devil you Know

This Custom Commissioned Clip Contains: Erotic Magic, FemDom, Mind Fuck, Whipping, Stockings, FF Stockings, Nylons, men following orders, CFNM, Bondage,

Strung Up to Cum

I take My slave for a wild day of shibari and forced orgasms. The bondage starts the day off with a strenuous inverted tie by one knee. The tie itself is torturous and to add to the boys helpless predicament I include  a steel Kali's Teeth cock tormenting...

Opulent Fetish boasts Highly Skilled Beautifully Cruel Mistresses, real slaves and Fantastic quality BDSM Productions.

Good to the Last Drop

This Clip Contains: Male Cum Swallowers, CEI, Cum Eating Instruction, JOI, Jerk off Instruction

I Command you

you will do whatever I want, whenever I want you to, and you will do it simply because… I command you. Get on your knees boy, and do exactly as I say.


This is a CUSTOM Clip! Contact Me for information on how to commission your own custom video. Hello Goddess, I have been a long time admirer of you, but I long to be your slave. I am absolutely obsessed with your lips. They are just perfect especially with...

Sissy Maker

Wouldn't you like to get all dressed up? Silky soft fabrics with satin and lace, stocking panties make up and heels are everything a sissy dreams of, and it is all right here in My world. I have a sissy suite to drool over with so many pairs of shoes and...

Stocking Pet

you would get hours of pleasure sniffing this pair of hosiery until the scent intoxicates you.
Stroke your cock by My instruction and contact Me as to how to earn a pair of My pantyhose or stockings.

Bukake Cum Slut

you know it is time you are long overdue. This activity must be done on a regular basis. you are a cum swallowing slut and you love how I humiliate and degrade you. I have a special treat for you today whore. I hope you have been taking your vitamins...


I have been in this hosiery for hours. It is trapped between My skin and these transparent latex shorts. I can feel the moisture dripping and see the steam in the clear tops of My shoes. I know you would love to bury your face.... in My pantyhose. Stroke...

Sniff and Stroke

This is the last ride for this pair of hosiery, one last video and one round of cardio in them before I send them off  in a ziplock bag to grace the alter of a devout worshipper. These pantyhose can be seen in many videos, they have lasted quite a while....

Tickle POV

This Clip Contains: Tickling POV, Tickle, Tickle torture bondage, sensual tickling, FemDom POV


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